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About Me

Mark Lanny is a stained glass artist based in Cleveland, near the North Yorkshire Moors national Park and the rugged Jurassic coastline of North East England.

I studied at the Cleveland College of Art and Design. Concentrating on various aspects of traditional and contempory stained glass, including acid and sand blasted etching and kiln formed fusing and slumping.

This website gives you an insight into my work as a designer and maker of traditionally hand crafted stained glass windows and panels, using methods which have changed little in over a 1,000 years, all my projects are made with a high degree of artistry and craftsmanship.

About my work

Colour therapy principles can be incorporated into the design process, maybe to enhance a feeling of tranquility or a sense of lively vibrant energy. Real coloured stained glass is the perfect medium. Churches, cathedrals, sacred spaces, have all used this principle for centuries, to instill a sense of wonder and awe in the observer. The finished project will always reflect the clients requirements.

Commissioning a stained glass window allows you to own a unique piece of art. In this age of sterile mass production a traditional stained glass window is a very original alternative, unlikely to be duplicated. An exclusive and impressive feature in any home. My portfolio includes contemporary and traditional designs, many represent a scene, or an abstract study in colour. Ideas may be commemorative or symbolic; panels are designed and researched carefully in full consultation with the client. Work ranges from small free hanging light catchers, door panels, windows, to complete house restoration. Stained glass windows bring colour and light into a space. Rainbows of coloured light reflected from the sun totally transform the living experience of a house. Many clients have installed four to six windows in their homes creating a wow factor and increasing the value at the same time.

An investment you won't regret.

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Examples of Stained Glass
Art-deco Sample
Art-deco Sample