Stained in Glass
Traditionally Hand Crafted Stained Glass Windows


Commissioning a stained glass panel gives you a unique piece of art, contemporary or traditional, personal and symbolic details can be incorporated into the design, an expression of your ideas, a complete service is provided from conception to completion and installation if necessary.

A site visit is necessary to evaluate the amount of light available to bring the window to life, which influences the choice of glass.

Design ideas are discussed in detail. Glass samples can be viewed and selected.

I then draw the scale design for your approval, which can be altered until complete satisfaction is achieved. Once the final design has been approved a completion date is confirmed and work begins. 2 to 3 weeks is usually normal. The complexity of design and type of glass used to construct the panel will determine the price.

e.g. 1 square foot of a few simple shapes is “approx £40”

e.g. 1 square foot of many complex shapes is “approx £80”

£40 being the minimum and prices in between depending on the amount of glass pieces which fit into a given sq foot of window panel

The above prices are inclusive of all materials used. With the exception of very expensive glass.

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Art-Deco Sample
Art-Deco Sample
Art-Deco Sample