Stained in Glass
Traditionally Hand Crafted Stained Glass Windows

Project 4

Design Brief

This double matching stained glass window is framed in front of an existing double glazed unit. The clients own personal floral design inspired by her love of gardening was provided for this commission.

The panels are situated on a staircase landing, in a traditional victorian cottage at Old Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire.

Floral Window
Floral Window

Design Brief

The clients interest in Ancient Egypt is expressed throughout this design.

Bathroom Window

A plain frosted bathroom window was removed and replaced with a stunning stained glass panel. Personal symbolic ideas are woven through this design. Ancient Egyptian themes are represented by the two blue pyramids with green and blue star shafts, projected from the pyramid

The lemon yellow circle reflects the continuous cycle of life, with the life force spirit depicted by the red flame.

Union Jack

Patriotism and the love of all things British resulted in a Union Jack design for a clients residential property in Middlesbrough.

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