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The Process

A site visit is necessary to evaluate the degree of damage. Minor damage can sometimes be repaired in 'situ'. Major damage and the window will be removed from its frame and temporary glazing will be fitted. The window will then be dismantled in the Studio. Broken glass is then replaced with the nearest possible match. Rebuilt with new lead and original glass. When completed it looks brand new again.

Before and After

Damaged Window

Repaired Window

One of four damaged bay widows repaired and restored
for a private house at Saltburn by the sea.


In many cases the original stained glass windows are missing, some over a century old, have over the years been damaged and replaced with plain glass, e.g. A matching set of six bay windows and two are missing, maybe replaced by a previous owner or occupier, a restoration project involves creating a duplicate of the original design in every detail, restoring the properties appearance back to its former glory. A wax rubbing of the original design is taken to ensure accuracy of detail for the new windows.

The Resoration

The photo above depicts a typical completed restoration project, extensive repairs to the original features included a new central door panel returning a hallway porch entrance of a 1930's house at Saltburn by the sea back to it's former glory.

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Art-Nouveau Sample
Art-Nouveau Sample
Art-Nouveau Sample